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Dealer puts crashed car on lot

CAR dealers are taking the unusual step of putting crashed cars in their showrooms.

A number of dealerships have partnered with ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) to show potential buyers how new cars hold up during crash testing.

The Kia Stinger is the first crashed tested vehicle to be put on display at a dealership - Bathurst Kia - and it will be moved to a number of other regional dealerships in the coming months.

ANCAP chief James Goodwin says the project is designed to provide awareness of the latest safety technology.

"With the introduction of automated vehicle technologies, the car buying experience must also change, to educate consumers on the benefits and function of safety assist features," says Goodwin.

"Having consumers able to see, touch and even sit in a vehicle that's been crash-tested - complete with deployed airbags and visible dummy contact points - is a unique experience," says Goodwin.

Goodwin pinpointed dealers as an important cog in getting the safety message out to consumers, especially in regional areas where a high number of fatalities occur.

"It is important we engage with dealers and consumers at the point-of-sale, and in particular, it is important we bring our display vehicles to regional dealerships as two thirds [66%] of all road deaths occur in regional and remote areas," he says.

Other car makers taking part in the moving safety roadshow are Mazda, Suzuki, Honda, LDV and Toyota. Each maker will have a crash tested version of one of its popular models displayed in regional dealerships.

The regional displays follow successful metropolitan dealership shows.

ANCAP has previously promoted new vehicles safety credentials when it simulated a head on collision with a 2015 model Toyota Corolla and a 1998 version.

The graphic results clearly show the strides taken over the last two decades in improving crash safety.