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Hot hatch fuzz! Australian police get new hardcore Honda Civic Type R

New South Wales Police officers have a new attention-grabbing addition to their fleet of cars.

Honda Australia has provided the 320hp Civic as part of a 12-month sponsored partnership with the police force.

Although the Civic Type R is known for intense performance, the 169mph top speed is not set to be directly used for pursuits and rapid response work.

Instead, the turbocharged Civic will join the Eyewatch social media initiative ran by New South Wales Police.  The programme aims to build relationships between police and communities, making use of social media to promote engagement.

First launched in 2012, Eyewatch has proved hugely successful for NSW Police, with more than 1 million people engaging with it through Facebook.

Honda’s hot hatch is certainly a good choice for an initiative which centres on public recognition. The fifth-generation Type R is anything but subtle in normal trim, but adding a full reflective NSW Police livery makes it even more eye-catching.

We can’t really imagine a Volkswagen Golf R having quite the same effect, although the Kia Stinger used by police forces in Queensland and Western Australia could be a challenger.

Having the car provided directly by Honda Australia has meant no additional cost to New South Wales tax-payers for this hot hatch.

Assistant Commissioner Joe Cassar APM, Commander of the NSW Police Force Capability, Performance and Youth Command, said “the eye-catching design of the vehicle will hopefully be a great conversation starter while on display and get more people, especially younger people, more comfortable with approaching their local police”

The first test for the Civic will come this weekend, when the Type R gets a public outing at the Fairfield Police and Community Expo.