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Would you buy this absolute Masterpiece? Yes, that's Kia's actual name for it

Every vehicle’s name is supposed to attract attention to the product—but we can’t help but think Kia has gone over the top with its “Masterpiece” concept sport-ute, just unveiled at the Seoul motor show in Korea.

Its full name is actually “Mohave Masterpiece,” meaning it’s part of the Mohave lineup. And tucking it under that nameplate could suggest we might eventually see a version of it in Canada.

The Mohave is an SUV sold in many global markets, and which briefly came to our shores a decade ago as the “Borrego.” Gas prices spiked just as this big, heavy and thirsty beast arrived, and it was gone before most people knew it had even arrived.

We’re guessing Kia won’t be using the “Masterpiece” name if it does bring it here—although we won’t bet against Borrego being revived, given most buyers won’t remember it even being on a Kia.

Of course there’s resemblance to the Telluride, Kia’s newest full-size SUV. The company calls the Masterpiece “rugged and robust” and says it “hints at how the brand could adapt its latest designs and features for the large off-road SUV segment.” It’s been suggested the production Mohave Masterpiece might replace the Sorento over here.

The Masterpiece was joined onstage by the Signature, the concept car for an upcoming compact SUV that will be announced later this year. It’s likely to be the sibling to the recently-announced Hyundai Venue, which will make its global debut in April at the New York Auto Show.

A third concept, the “Imagine by Kia,” is an all-electric sports sedan. The company said it’s not going to morph into a production vehicle anytime soon, but “hints at” design elements that may be used in other offerings.

Among the Imagine’s higher-tech features are music-response vibrating seats, allowing occupants to “feel their favourite songs as they listen to them.”