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Can Outgoing VW Golf Hold Its Own Against New Ford Focus And Kia Ceed?

VW is all but ready to unveil an all-new generation of the Golf, the eighth since it first launched its best seller in 1974.

However, with Ford and Kia offering the new Focus and Ceed, respectively, and the Golf MK7 being around since 2012, does the VW still have what it takes to be on compact hatch buyers’ list?

Despite its age, the Golf is still one of the most complete packages in the compact hatchback segment; it offers great build quality and practicality, as well as a surefooted feel down the road that’s combined with high levels of comfort.

The newer Kia Ceed combines smart looks with pretty generous levels of standard kit and good value for money. If you want a comfortable hatchback, the Kia delivers, especially within city walls.

Ford’s latest Focus is bigger and roomier than ever, thanks to the new platform that underpins it. It offers the most room for rear passengers compared to the other two, making them feel like they’re sitting in a car from a class above.

The Focus has always been hailed as the most fun-to-drive car in its class, and the same is true for its latest iteration. However, this doesn’t come with any compromises, as the new Focus also comes with class-leading levels of comfort as well.

Of course, with the Mk8 on the way, VW will have an all-new contender that could very well change everything in the segment. Since it won’t be available until February 2020 at the earliest, though, the current car is the one customers will cross-shop with its rivals. Should they go for it, or has it been overtaken by the younger Focus and/or Ceed? Carwow delivers is verdict in the video that follows.