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Kia Uses A Chameleon To Promote 'A New Species Of Soul'

The Kia Soul has long been marketed as a fun and lovable hatchback and for the car’s latest-generation, the South Korean car manufacturer is continuing this tradition – with a twist.

The previous-generation Soul was long promoted through a number of hamster-themed commercials. For the new car’s first commercial in North America, though, Kia has ditched the hamster in favor of a chameleon.

The colorful commercial shows a trio of new Soul models crossing a rugged and colorful moon-like landscape. When the camera zooms out, it is revealed that the three hatchbacks are in fact driving across a huge chameleon. Either that or the Kias have been shrunk down so they can hoon around on the back of the lizard. Whatever the case may be, the commercial is cute – which, presumably, is the whole idea. Finishing off the advertisement is a new slogan that reads ‘The New Species Of Soul.’

Three Kia Soul models are shown during the advertisement: the GT-Line Turbo, X-Line, and EX Design Line. The first of these is the sportiest Soul on sale and comes outfitted with a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine pumping out a respectable 201 hp. This model also comes outfitted with five-spoke aluminum wheels, blacked-out trim, and a sporty bodykit.

As for the X-Line, it is finished in a shade of green in the commercial and has a slightly more rugged and off-road-focused design. Last, but not least, is the fluorescent Kia Soul EX Designer Line which, despite being a bit more conservative than its siblings, is still very eye-catching.