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2020 McLaren GT, 2020 Toyota Supra, the first Porsche: This Week's Top Photos

The newest car introduced by McLaren under its Track25 business plan is the brand's interpretation of a grand tourer. Unveiled this week, McLaren's new GT supercar packs over 600 horsepower and has more storage space than some full-size sedans.

2020 BMW M5 Edition 35 Years

Another new car unveiled this week was the BMW M5 Edition 35 Years. Yes, BMW's M5 nameplate has turned 35, and the German automaker has celebrated with the launch of a special version based on the latest 2020 M5 Competition model.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 AEV Bison Tray Bed concept

We also saw a Chevrolet Colorado concept this week. The off-road brand AEV removed the bed from a 2019 Colorado and replaced it with a tray bed to create the 2019 Chevy Colorado Bison ZR2 Tray Bed concept. Don't be surprised if a production version of the tray bed follows.

2020 Toyota Supra

One of the cars we tested this week was Toyota's reborn Supra. The car is impressive, but does it live up to the Supra name? Hit this link to find out.

2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Another car we tested was the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, which has been tweaked for 2019. The improvements made to the car aim to reduce its lap times, primarily through extra grip generated by the tires and aerodynamics.

2020 Ford Interceptor Utility Hybrid

We also hopped into the new Ford Explorer Hybrid cop car for two laps to see what the green law enforcement machine is all about. Cops across America should find a lot to love.

2020 Kia Stinger GTS

We also dove into the mechanicals of the 2020 Kia Stinger GTS, particularly its all-wheel-drive system. Even with all-wheel drive, the Stinger GTS gets new drive modes and defeatable stability control dedicated to sideways action.

1939 Porsche Type 64 - Image via RM Sotheby's

This week we also learned that the sole surviving 1939 Type 64, the first car to bear the Porsche name, will be sold during 2019 Monterey Car Week. The car represents the Holy Grail of Porsches and could set a new record for cars sold at auction.