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All-New Kia Optima Render Reflects What Little We Know

Kia have already begun testing the next-generation Optima sedan, leaving prototypes heavily camouflaged in key areas such as the front end, exterior door panels and rear fascia. Still, we can make one or two things out about its silhouette.

For starters, we’re actually dealing with a whole new design language, albeit nothing revolutionary. For example, Kia will continue to use its familiar grille design, but featuring a more three-dimensional look.

What can we expect?

According to the company’s design boss, one Byung Chul Juh, the next Optima will have a look that’s “not extreme, but progressive with a strong brand identity.” He then went on to say that the design language will reflect the Korean automaker’s “innovative, young, challenging, iconic and cool” character.

He also claims that the car will feature “unexpected details”, but it’s obvious that we shouldn’t expect anything radical compared to the current iteration.

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With this render by Kolesa, we can see a relatively accurate reproduction of previously-seen spy images, with regards to the car’s window line, since it’s the only styling feature that’s exposed. As far as front and rear designs, that’s mostly a guessing game (aside from the bumper-mounted license plate holder), but the render does stay within the parameters of being “progressive”.

Speaking of progress, the car will reportedly gain an electronically-controlled AWD system. According to Korean outlet ETNEWS, the system will be able to actively distribute forces based on factors such as acceleration, speed and so on. The next-gen Optima is also rumored to have an Eco mode for improved fuel economy, as well as a Sport mode.

Even though no official statements have been made regarding a launch date, it’s possible that we’ll get to see the 5th-gen Optima before the end of this year.