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Kia launches 'Try Before You Buy' car rental scheme in Oxford

If you fancy living with a Kia Stinger to see what all the fuss is about, or want to discover how a Kia Sportage could cope with family life, the Korean brand’s new car rental scheme is for you.

The ‘Try Before You Buy’ initiative allows you to rent a Kia of your choice from a participating dealer, with prices starting at £15.70 per day. If you decide to buy it, Kia will give you your money back.

Brayleys Oxford is the latest Kia dealer to offer a new car rental service, with cars available for a day, a weekend, a month or even longer. You might need a few days just to escape the Oxford traffic.

The ‘Try Before You Buy’ scheme is a bolt-on available to prospective customers, with cars on offer for up to five days.

You might just fall head over heels in love with a Kia during the rental and you can’t imagine life without a Picanto.

It’s another example of the ever-changing car ownership model, which includes car sharing, short term rentals and ‘Netflix-style’ pay-as-you-drive subscription services.

For Brayleys Oxford, it’s a chance to welcome new and existing customers into its showroom, as well as maximising the potential of its car stock.

Car rental ‘couldn’t be simpler’

Michelle Prentice, dealer rental programme manager at Kia Motors, said: “We are proud to announce the launch [of] our new car rental location, which I’m confident will be a great addition, not only to Brayleys (Oxford), but to our Kia Rental Network.

“With demand for rental cars in this city being constant and high, we’re confident that our rental operation will be a great success.”

Pawel Kisiel, rental manager at Brayleys Oxford Kia, added: “The new Kia rental process here in Oxford couldn’t be simpler for our customers, as we have made sure our pricing is clear and we have [a] great selection of brand-new Kia cars already in place.”

The ‘Try Before You Buy’ is available on new Kia vehicles only and rates vary across different models. The minimum rental is one day and the maximum is five days, excluding the Stinger, which can only be rented for three days.

The Kia Stinger is also subject to a £1,000 excess and the driver must be aged 25 or over. Still, we’re sure younger drivers would be happy with a Picanto…