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Kia Can't Stop Teasing The New Optima

Teaser sketches continue to reveal the look of the new Kia Optima (or K5 in the South Korean market). At this rate, the model's design isn't going to be much of surprise by the time we see it in the metal.

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The new sketch is similar to a previous one but fully reveals the side of the car. The new Optima appears to have fairly smooth flanks that flow back to a prominent bulge at the rear fenders. The roof as a coupe-like silhouette. At the back, there's a short deck, and taillights span the entire width. A sporty rear fascia includes a diffuser and integrated exhausts.

The earlier sketches reveal the new Optima's more aggressive front end with a highly contoured nose and large inlets in the lower fascia. The grille is a more exaggerated version of the company's existing "tiger nose" style. Revised headlights feature small lamps and jagged, lightning-bolt-shaped LED running lights.

Inside, Kia looks to adopt the modern style of combining a digital instrument cluster with a wide infotainment screen next to it. There's a simple center console with a rotary dial and some buttons. The overall aesthetic is minimalist in comparison to the more dramatic exterior.

There's less info about the powertrain range at this time. At the very least, expect improved hybrid and PHEV choices to be available.

While Kia is teasing the K5 for the South Korean market, don't look for the new Optima's unveiling until 2020. The current speculation puts its American on-sale date in the 2021 model year.