KIA Insider

Kia Is Getting a New Logo

Kia's look has changed dramatically from the first economy cars it sold in the United States to the sleek Stinger and Telluride of the current day, and now the Korean automaker is sealing its image as modern and innovative with a new logo.

In the same vein as Volkswagen, which also recently unveiled a new logo, Kia appears to be shooting for a modern interpretation of its well-known current badge, which is an oval with easy-to-read capital letters.

The new design was filed with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) and comes in both red and black, with the red variant likely to be reserved for performance cars in the same way that Honda's red badge is used on the Civic Type R. The new logo still spells out the name Kia, but with a strong triangular motif, and the letters are all connected.

A look at the KIPRIS website shows Kia initially applied for the trademark on July 19 with KIPRIS, and there were additional filings on November 26. The registration date and publication dates on the document are both left blank, which indicates that the official stamp of approval is still pending from the Korean authorities.

The new logo design has already been seen in public when it appeared on the Imagine by Kia concept vehicle earlier this year. On the concept it was in white, since it was illuminated on the car itself. We'll have to keep an eye out for where the dramatic new logo turns up next.