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Next Kia EV will be large SUV-saloon based on Imagine concept

Kia’s next electric vehicle, to arrive in 2021, will sit above the existing e-Niro and Soul electric models and be based on the Imagine concept, revealed last year.

The zero-emission vehicle will have a new nameplate, rather than being a variant of an existing model, in line with Kia’s policy to have standalone models for its electrified cars.

The Korean car maker recently announced its plan to launch 11 electric models by 2025 as part of a £19 billion strategy to transform into a maker of electrified vehicles and mobility solutions within the next five years.

Currently, Kia sells two electric models, the e-Niro and Soul Electric. Adding a third, larger model will help the maker reach its goal of a 6.6 per cent global EV market share by 2025.

Kia UK boss Paul Philpott said: “Soul EV and E-Niro sit in the same sort of part of the market, so you either go much smaller or bigger [for another EV].

“Assuming [EV] supply becomes less limited in 2021, I think [a model that is] a bit bigger would fill a gap.”

The new model will sit on a new bespoke platform, shared with sibling brand Hyundai, which is set to be the basis for a range of more powerful and larger SUVs and saloons in the future.

It promises 310 miles of range, 28 miles more than the E-Niro currently offers. Ultimately, Kia is working towards a range of 500 miles for its EVs, but this is not expected as soon as 2021.

The EV has a “crossover design which blurs the boundaries between passenger and sports utility vehicles,” echoing that seen on the four-door Imagine concept, revealed at Geneva motor show last year.