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Hyundai/Kia Issue Recalls Over Fuel Line Leak, Fire Risk

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Hyundai is reportedly recalling around 207,000 Sonata models in the U.S. over a fuel hose issue that could create a fire hazard. Kia issued a recall on 142,000 Optima sedans and 51,000 Sedonas minivans for the same issue. While there doesn’t appear to be any injuries stemming from the problem, Hyundai Motor Group has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the vehicles could incur a fuel leak that runs the risk of starting fires within the engine compartment.

The source of the issue has not been discovered; the NHTSA recall report stipulates that the manufacturer “believes the material used to produce the fuel feed line might be more susceptible to heat under certain vehicle operating conditions.” Be on the lookout for a less responsive motor, engine warning lights and the faint aroma of gasoline. 

Problems are reportedly isolated to the fuel feed line connecting the low pressure fuel pump to the direct injection fuel pump in the subject vehicles. Hyundai said it could could develop a small crack over time due to ambient heat in the engine compartment. A spokesperson informed us that no actual fires have been reported and that the cars should be safe to drive while the automaker works out a solution.

The Center for Auto Safety released a letter last month (when the Kia models were called back) suggesting the recall was long overdue and referenced its own petition as evidence. “Today, 364 days since we called on Congress to investigate Kia and Hyundai for failure to recall these defective cars, these manufacturers continue to string out consumers when it comes to the possibility of their engine failing and their car exploding,” said Jason Levine, executive director of the group. “It is long past due for these almost 200,000 vehicles to have been recalled, and in fact, it is almost 2 years since the Center for Auto Safety originally petitioned for exactly such action.”

From the Center for Auto Safety:

While the Center for Auto Safety definitely thinks this is a bigger issue, vehicles affected by the official recall campaigns include Kia Optimas from the 2013-14 model year, Sedonas from 2011-12 and Hyundai Sonatas from 2013-14. The supplier of the offending Sonata part is said to be Hanil Tube USA, while the Sedona recall documents name Delphi Powertrain Systems Korea as its supplier.

Dealers and owners will start seeings notifications in their mailbox this April.

[Image: Hyundai]

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