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Kia unveils images of its next-generation Sedona

Last week, Kia unveiled a first teaser sketch of what the next-generation Sedona minivan will look like. This week, the company took it a step further by unveiling a series of images.

The brand's styling and proportions are recognizably those of a typical minivan, even though Kia is trying to create a new category of vehicle by naming its creation a GUV, for Grand Utility Vehicle. We think we’ll continue to refer to it as a minivan…

Nevertheless, there is a noticeable attempt by the designers to give the model styling that’s more rugged and gives the Sedona (or Carnival, as it’s called in South Korea) more than a whiff of SUV-ness.

This takes the form of a shorter front overhang, while the A-pillars have been moved rearward to allow designers and engineers to shape a longer hood. The company is stingy on technical details at the moment, but they do mention that the wheelbase has been lengthened to free up more space inside.

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Meanwhile, the C-pillar is chrome-plated with a diamond pattern, in the same vein as what you see on the latest Sorento. It’s much more prominent here, however, as it extends towards the tailgate. An upper character line creates a visual link between the headlights and lights to emphasize the minivan's generous size.

The rear of the new Carnival/Sedona features a full-width LED strip light, a fashionable trend in the industry. As for the generous size of the tailgate, it will make loading cargo easier. The "Limousine" badge, seen in the lower right corner of the tailgate, refers to the level of finish of the model, and we’re guessing it refers to the best-equipped in the lineup.

Images of the interior have not yet been released right now, but that should come in a later round of teasers, Kia says as much. We can expect to see more images and details trickle out ahead of the premiere presentation, scheduled for South Korea in the third quarter of 2020. Among the number of innovations and changes, we expect to see a hybrid variant inspired by the new Sorento.

The next-gen 2022 Kia Sedona will likely make its debut here in North America in the coming year.