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HMG unveils DAL-e the robot for Kia, Hyundai showrooms

DAL-e customer service robotTwenty-plus years in and we may finally have confirmation that the 21st century – the proper 21st century of shiny science-fictional machines and talking robots, that is – has finally arrived: Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) this week launched the first “DAL-e,” touted as “a highly advanced customer service robot that independently communicates with people using precise recognition capabilities and mobility functions,” in a Hyundai Motor showroom in Seoul, South Korea.

DAL-e is (very) short for “Drive you, Assist you, Link with you -experience.” Kia Insider figures that DAL-e must be some Easter-eggy reference of first-ever cloned sheep Dolly and/or the title character of the 2008 Pixar movie Wall-E, because damn if that ain’t one seriously awkward acronym…

As the well-titled Vice President/Head of the Hyundai Motor Group Robotics Lab Dong Hin Hyun said at the robot’s launch, “The DAL-e is a next-generation service platform that can offer automated customer services anytime. It is expected to become a messenger capable of delivering consistent messages to customers in a more intimate and personal way than conventional robots.”

Three has been no official comment from any conventional robots union or other association as of press time.   

According to PR material, DAL-e the automated robot “boasts language processing, facial recognition and automated mobility capabilities for seamless wall-to-wall services under Covid-19 situation.”

Though HMG plans for its “adoption in diverse operating environments,” DAL-e robots will initially be deployed in Kia and Hyundai showrooms first in Southeast Asia before moving into North America and Europe. There will the DAL-e robots put their awesome subprocessors and slick sensory hardware to work in customer service, answering challenging questions about the Kia Optima’s sticker price and the Niro plug-in hybrid’s battery charge.

Should we be amazed when robots like DAL-e, with their IQs measured in the millions, overthrow and exterminate their human oppressors…?