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Kia February sales up in Canada, down in US

Intuitively, one would guess that the coronavirus epidemic would hurt car sales in North America generally. And while car sales were down on aggregate pretty much everywhere in the world in 2019, some automakers in some areas are enjoying new vibrancy in their incomes – such as Kia Canada.

Kia CanadaEarlier this week, Kia Canada representatives were pleased as poutine to announce a new “all-time” record for February with 4,650 units moved. The top three models sold were the Seltos, Sportage and Sorrento.  

Kia Canada COO Elias El-Achhab enthusiastically stated that “In spite of lockdowns in February, our strong product line up has outperformed in the second month of the year.” El-Achhab went on to tout March 2021 as an even more profitable month: “with the Kia Carnival, our Life Utility Vehicle set to arrive in dealerships in the coming weeks, we look forward to seeing the momentum continue.”

The good sles numbers from Canada couldn’t quite make up for the downturn in US sales, however. In January 2021, US-based Kia dealers sold 1,303 fewer units to just over 39,000 nationwide, a 3.2% decrease year on year. Kia was hardly alone in the US sales downturn: Lincoln (a 6.77% decrease y.o.y.), Acura (7.87%), Honda (9.39%) and Ford (15.11%) certainly had reasons to scapegoat pandemic conditions. Of all major automakers, only two companies showed sales increases of over 1.5% in February in the US, Mazda (up 6.93%) and Volvo (up an incredible 32.39%).